The saving grace of the tired old heating system! If your central heating system is older than 10 years and hasn’t been flushed it might be about time you showed it some love!

Often radiators will fill with sludge and scale that prevent water flowing through them freely and as a result are performing at their minimum output.

If your radiators need frequent bleeding, are hot on the top and cold in the middle / bottom or have given up completely after getting progressively worse over time, then it might be time for a power flush.

Weyside Heating Services uses only state of the art power flushing equipment , which all of our engineers are fully trained to operate. Gone are the days of removing radiators individually and taking them into the garden for a good hose through! We connect our power flushing equipment with very little disruption to your property and let the pumps and chemicals do their stuff.

Prices start at £350.00 +VAT.   Please call us on 01252 715496 for a free quote.