Fed up of standing around and waiting for that bath to run?  Tired of showering under a pathetic dribble of water? If you’re not in a position to replace your entire bath / shower pump then an unvented hot water cylinder is a low-cost and efficient solution.

Our plumbing and heating engineers are qualified and certified to install, service and carry out repairs on all unvented hot water cylinders (commonly referred to as Megaflows) as well as carry out maintenance and repairs.

Unvented hot water cylinders are ideal for both new installations or as a system upgrade from the old, open-vented gravity feed system. Since they work off the incoming mains pressure they are the most convenient type of hot water storage cylinder around; they can be located almost anywhere in a property including lofts – a great help when you’re trying to save space – and they eradicate the use of expensive/noisy shower pumps. Unvented hot water cylinders also don’t require cold water storage loft tanks, thereby reducing any chance of overflowing tanks. They provide all outlets with around 3 bar of pressure, so your shower can finally have that power shower feel and your days of waiting for that bath to fill are over!

If you are thinking about upgrading your existing gravity feed system to a pressurised hot water cylinder then please contact us on 01252 715496.